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Ђ­ор­ђе Оташевић (Београд)


Alexis Mu­ni­er: THE BIG BLACK BOOK OF VE­RY DIRT­­Y WORDS. A­­da­ms­ me­di­a, A­von, ­20­10, 3­86 s­tr­.



На­зив реч­ни­ка, а на­ро­чи­то ре­клам­на по­ру­ка од­штам­па­на на ко­ри­ца­ма књи­ге, у вр­ло упа­дљи­вом цр­ве­ном кру­гу (Mo­re than 2,300 pro­fa­ne in­sults, ob­sce­ni­ti­es and vul­ga­ri­ti­esgu­a­ran­teed to shock even the dir­ti­est minds), ла­ко мо­гу да за­ва­ра­ју по­тен­ци­јал­ног ко­ри­сни­ка. Реч­ник за­и­ста са­др­жи оп­сце­ну лек­си­ку и вул­га­ри­зме, али је ма­ло ве­ро­ват­но да ће „најпeрверзнији умо­ви“ би­ти шо­ки­ра­ни ко­ри­шће­њем овог реч­ни­ка. По­све­та сва­ка­ко је­сте не­у­о­би­ча­је­на (To filthy mot­her­fuc­kers everywhe­re), као и пред­го­вор у ко­ме је пет­на­е­стак реч­нич­ких од­ред­ни­ца, од­штам­па­них кур­зи­вом, укло­пље­но у текст.

Wel­co­me to The Big Black Bo­ok of Very Dirty Words, your gol­den tic­ket to the world of gol­den sho­wers, your an­swer to an­swe­ring the big qu­e­sti­on. It’s the start of a de­li­ci­o­usly filthy jo­ur­ney in­to the net­her­worlds (and net­her re­gi­ons) of true Ame­ri­can, Bri­tish, Austra­lian, and ot­her sorts of for­bid­den En­glish. Af­ter tho­ro­ugh re­a­ding, you’ll de­light in bra­in­fuc­king your fri­ends and ene­mi­es, of­fen­ding your col­le­a­gu­es, and pis­sing off your ne­ig­hbors.

In this com­pi­la­tion of the best se­xu­al, dirty, and just plain old inap­pro­pri­a­te slang En­glish has to of­fer—from gi­raf­fe to pud­ding pops—you’ll del­ve de­eply in­to su­bject are­as ri­pe with de­lec­ta­ble dirty words. Each of the­se en­tri­es con­ta­ins a de­fi­ni­tion and sam­ple sen­ten­ce so you can avoid any em­bar­ras­sment whi­le at­temp­ting to em­bar­rass ot­hers. What’s mo­re, you’ll find qu­o­tes ta­ken from clas­sic new films li­ke Su­per­bad and just abo­ut every mo­vie Will Fer­rell has ever ma­de to ac­com­pany you du­ring your ri­de on the skin bus to tu­na town.

Oozing inap­pro­pri­a­te­ness, you’ll beg the qu­e­sti­on: is your new boyfri­end hung li­ke a ham­ster? Do­es your al­ler­gic gir­lfri­end still pet the po­od­le? How do you calm an an­gry dra­gon? Whet­her you’re a fag stag at­temp­ting to daz­zle your new pink pos­se with ho­mo­se­xu­al slang or just a ba­na­na ham­mock we­a­ring Bo­rat fan in se­arch of ri­coc­ku­lo­us pick-up li­nes, The Big Black Bo­ok of Very Dirty Words is su­re to le­a­ve you drip­ping for it. Af­ter all, lan­gu­a­ge is con­stantly evol­ving—so sho­uld your potty mo­uth.

Реч­нич­ки чла­нак је вр­ло пре­гле­дан. Од­ред­ни­ца је од­штам­па­на ма­сним сло­ви­ма, се­ман­тич­ка де­фи­ни­ци­ја је у ре­ду ис­под ње, а у сле­де­ћем ре­ду се да­је ци­тат или при­мер упо­тре­бе ко­јим се илу­стру­је зна­че­ње од­ред­ни­це. Из­во­ри из ко­јих су ци­та­ти пре­у­зе­ти нај­че­шће ни­су на­во­ђе­ни, ве­ро­ват­но за­то што је ве­ћи­ну са­ста­вио аутор.


star­fish, n.

anus, assho­le; Ame­ri­can

As I was ban­ging her from be­hind and lo­o­king down at her star­fish, all I co­uld won­der was if she was in­to anal.


По­не­где је на­ве­де­но по­ре­кло или де­ри­ва­ци­о­на струк­ту­ра од­ред­ни­це.


gup­pie, n.

ho­mo­se­xu­al young ur­ban pro­fes­si­o­nal; Ame­ri­can

Gup­pi­es ha­ve tran­sfor­med San Fran­ci­sco’s Ca­stro dis­trict in­to one of the li­ve­li­est ne­ig­hbor­ho­ods in town.

de­ri­va­tion: Gay plus yup­pie ma­kes up the ori­gin of this term.


happy shop­per, n.

bi­se­xu­al; Ame­ri­can

A happy shop­per ne­ver has to go ho­me wit­ho­ut a pur­cha­se.

de­ri­va­tion: From the fact that a bi­se­xu­al has twi­ce the cho­i­ce.


Hugh, n.

an ol­der man who sur­ro­unds him­self with young wo­men; Ame­ri­can

My grand­fat­her is such a Hugh. He dum­ped my grand­ma af­ter forty years of mar­ri­a­ge and to­ok up with his twenty-fi­ve-year-old nur­se.

de­ri­va­tion: From Hugh Hef­ner of Playboy fa­me.


Johnson, n.

dick; Ame­ri­can

He whip­ped out his Johnson on the bus, but all he re­ally had to do was pull on the chain to ma­ke the bus stop.

de­ri­va­tion: “Johnson” owes its na­me to early twen­ti­eth cen­tury bo­xer Jack A. Johnson, the first Afri­can Ame­ri­can to win the world he­avywe­ight cham­pi­on­ship. When ra­cist whi­te Ame­ri­ca as­su­med he had a big pe­nis be­ca­u­se he was black, the­reby ac­co­un­ting for his se­xu­al pro­wess with whi­te wo­men, he al­le­gedly stuf­fed his pants to good ef­fect.


Не­ја­сно је због че­га је у Реч­ник увр­ште­но не­ко­ли­ко де­се­ти­на ме­ди­цин­ских тер­ми­на, ко­ји се мо­гу на­ћи у сва­ком ме­ди­цин­ском реч­ни­ку, као и у мно­гим оп­штим ен­ци­кло­пе­ди­ја­ма.


ac­ro­to­mop­hi­lia, n.

se­xu­al di­sor­der in­vol­ving at­trac­tion for am­pu­te­es; Ame­ri­can

I tho­ught Pe­te wo­uldn’t get a lot of ac­tion when he ca­me back from Iraq with only one leg, but thank God for the lo­cal ac­ro­to­mop­hi­lia gro­up.


anal sex, n.

co­pu­la­tion in which one part­ner thrusts his pe­nis in his part­ner’s anus; Ame­ri­can

Anal sex is not an ef­fec­ti­ve form of birth con­trol, no mat­ter what your boyfri­end may tell you.


her­map­hro­di­te, n.

per­son born with both ma­le and fe­ma­le sex or­gans; Ame­ri­can

Her­map­hro­di­te porn is my fa­vo­ri­te, but sadly the­re aren’t many of them to enjoy.

de­ri­va­tion: This term co­mes from the Gre­ek gods Ap­hro­di­te and Her­mes. As the story go­es, they had a child, the im­mor­tal Her­map­hro­di­tus, who was tran­sfor­med in­to an an­drogyno­us be­ing when a nymph’s wish that they we­re ne­ver se­pa­ra­ted was gran­ted by the gods.


pe­nis, n.

ma­le re­pro­duc­ti­ve or­gan; Ame­ri­can

Mary was shoc­ked at the si­ze of John’s pe­nis; she didn’t re­a­li­ze they ca­me that small.


voyeurism, n.

a se­xu­al di­sor­der that in­vol­ves the need to ob­ser­ve ot­hers du­ring se­xu­al or pri­va­te ac­ti­vity; Ame­ri­can

I don’t mind my ne­ig­hbor’s voyeurism when he watches me un­dress thro­ugh the open win­dow, but watching me ta­ke a dump re­ally cros­ses the li­ne.


Ако се код прет­ход­них тер­ми­на као раз­лог увр­шта­ва­ња у реч­ник мо­же узе­ти њи­хо­ва по­ве­за­ност са сек­сом, у не­ким слу­ча­је­ви­ма не­ма ни то­га. Та­ко, на при­мер, лу­ки­зам (енгл. lo­o­kism) спа­да у уоби­ча­је­не тер­ми­не ко­је ко­ри­сте при­ста­ли­це тзв. „по­ли­тич­ке ко­рект­но­сти“, док је scre­e­na­ger ус­пео ока­зи­о­на­ли­зам до­би­јен кон­та­ми­на­ци­јом, али ове ре­чи, као и де­се­так дру­гих, не спа­дају у та­бу­и­зи­ра­ну лек­си­ку.


lo­o­kism, n.

di­scri­mi­na­tion ba­sed on physi­cal ap­pe­a­ran­ce; Ame­ri­can

It’s lo­o­kism all right—Clyde may ha­ve a gre­at per­so­na­lity and ma­ke lots of mo­ney, but I still wo­uldn’t do him wit­ho­ut a bag over his head, or mi­ne.


scre­e­na­ger, n.

te­e­na­ger who spends too much ti­me in front of a com­pu­ter screen; Ame­ri­can

In my day, we didn’t ha­ve com­pu­ters or cell pho­nes. No­wa­days, the­se scre­e­na­gers ca­re mo­re abo­ut chec­king the­ir e-mail than get­ting laid.


Уз по­је­ди­не реч­нич­ке члан­ке до­да­те су за­ни­мљи­во­сти ве­за­не за од­ред­нич­ку реч.


G-spot, n.

short term for the Graf­fen­berg Spot lo­ca­ted in­si­de the front wall or an­te­ri­or of the va­gi­na and very sen­si­ti­ve to aro­u­sal; Ame­ri­can

Top Fi­ve G-Spot Po­si­ti­ons

1. Wo­man on Top

2. Doggy Style

3. Spo­o­ning

4. Wo­man on Top, Bac­kwards

5. The Pe­a­cock


rack, n.

bre­asts; Ame­ri­can

Top Ten Hollywo­od Racks

1. Ma­rilyn Mon­roe

2. Scar­lett Jo­han­sson

3. Mae West

4. Sal­ma Hayek

5. Sop­hia Lo­ren

6. Hal­le Be­rry

7. Ja­ne Rus­sell

8. Tyra Banks

9. Dolly Par­ton

10. Pa­me­la An­der­son


Уз од­ред­ни­це ma­stur­ba­te, oral sex, pe­nis и va­gi­na на­ве­де­ни су ве­о­ма ду­ги спи­ско­ви си­но­ни­ма ових ре­чи, ко­ји се не ја­вља­ју као од­ред­ни­це у реч­ни­ку.


pe­nis, n.

ma­le re­pro­duc­ti­ve or­gan; Ame­ri­can

5.9, 34-25, ba­lo­ney pony, be­ef ham­mer, bell on a po­le, boa, bos­sman, brat­wurst, bud, cack, Cap­tain Win­kie, chang a lang, chank, chep, choad, chop­per, chub, chut, co­que, the D, dic­kie, dicky mo, Di­esl, ding-a-ling, din­gis, do­der, dog head, do­in­ker, do­key, do­me pi­e­ce, dong, don­key ro­pe, dork, doty, dra­gon, du­gan, egg roll, fa­mily je­wels, fang, flesh ar­row, foo-foo, fuck rod, fuck stick, ga­doon, Ger­man sa­u­sa­ge, god war­ri­or, go­ot, hang dang, hard hat, Ha­rry Wang, he­at-se­e­king lo­ve mis­si­le, he­li, hocky cocky, hof­tie, hog, horn, ho­se, injec­tor, in­ser­ter, Ita­lian sa­u­sa­ge, jim­ber, Jimmy, jizz rod, jo­ur­ney stick, joystick, ju­i­ce cord, kon­tol, Krull the War­ri­or King, kur, La­rry, le­aky ho­se, ling­ham, lit­tle El­vis, the lit­tle head, lit­tle sol­di­er, li­zard, Lo­gan, long john, long­fel­low, lo­ve shaft, lo­ve stick, ma­le mem­ber, ma­le or­gan, man ched­dar, man crank, man horn, man me­at, me­at stick, me­at train, mem­ber, mic­rop­ho­ne, mid­dle stump, Mr. Happy, mon­key, mur­ton, mus­hro­om head, mut­ton, my Army stick, my lit­tle pony, my ot­her half, my ot­her head, my twig (and ber­ri­es), NOFL, old boy, old fel­low, old man, one-eyed mon­ster, one-eyed tro­u­ser sna­ke, one-eyed yogurt chuc­ker, p-nas, pac­ker, peen, pe­e­per, pe­ne, pe­ter, phal­lus mem­ber, pi­e­ce, pik, pingy-lingy, pink link, pin­to, pi­pe­sic­le, Pip­pen the Gre­at, Pip­pen the Small, piss we­a­sel, pi­ston, po­le, po­wer drill, pri­va­te eye, pur­ple pe­o­ple ple­a­ser, pur­ple-he­a­ded sol­di­er man, pur­ple-he­a­ded war­ri­or, pur­ple-hel­me­ted war­ri­or of lo­ve, pussy fac­tory, rod of ple­a­su­re, rub­bing mac­hi­ne, sa­la­man­der, schlit­tle, schlort, schmec­kel, schmuck, schu-bunny, scon­ge, scro­tum, short arm, skin chim­ney, sna­ke, so­up bo­ne, spam pop­sic­le, sperm pump, spi­ke, Staff Cap­tain, ste­a­min’ se­men ro­ad­way, stick, sum­mer sa­u­sa­ge, Tallyrand, tas­sle, thing, third leg, thum­per, tinky, tonk, tool, tu­be ste­ak, wand of light, wang, wan­kie, we­e­nie, wee-wee, we­i­ner, whang, who who dilly, wii, willy, Wil­son, wing dang do­o­dle, wing­wong, winky, ying-yang, yogurt gun, you’re wel­co­me


Ште­та што реч­ник не са­др­жи ин­декс (ка­кав, на при­мер, има Ser­boC­ro­a­tian-En­glish Col­lo­qu­i­al Dic­ti­o­nary : An Exer­ci­se in Cross-cul­tu­ral Cog­ni­ti­ve Lin­gu­i­stics Дан­ка Шип­ке), па би он­да уз име­ни­цу pe­nis, на при­мер, би­ло на­ве­де­но ви­ше де­се­ти­на си­но­ни­ма об­ра­ђе­них у реч­ни­ку (mis­si­le la­un­cher, no­o­dle, old chap, one-eyed sna­ke, pac­ka­ge, pec­ker, percy, prick, pudd…).

            На­во­ђе­ње два пу­та истог при­ме­ра ко­јим се илу­стру­је зна­че­ње, уз из­ме­ну је­ди­но ма­сним сло­ви­ма ис­так­ну­тог си­но­ни­ма, у лек­си­ко­гра­фи­ји се ве­о­ма рет­ко сре­ће.


Li­mey, n.

a Brit; Bri­tish

Sydney’s full of Li­meys the­se days. It’s a di­sa­ster—from so­me Aus­si­es’ po­int of vi­ew.

Sydney’s full of Brits the­se days. It’s a di­sa­ster—from so­me Aus­si­es’ po­int of vi­ew.

de­ri­va­tion: The term Li­mey co­mes from Bri­tish sa­i­lors’ use of li­me ju­i­ce to pre­vent scurvy.


sep­tic, n.

an Ame­ri­can; Bri­tish

A Bri­tish guy cal­led all of us a bunch of stu­pid sep­tics at the bar, so we la­ug­hed at him and I asked him, “What next? Are you go­ing to call us a bunch of Yan­ke­es?”

A Bri­tish guy cal­led all of us a bunch of stu­pid Ame­ri­cans at the bar, so we la­ug­hed at him and I asked him, “What next? Are you go­ing to call us a bunch of Yan­ke­es?”


Ути­сак ко­ји би се мо­гао сте­ћи о овом реч­ни­ку на­кон крат­ког пре­ли­ста­ва­ња, на при­мер, у књи­жа­ри, ве­ро­ват­но би био пот­пу­но по­гре­шан (иако би упра­во тај по­гре­шни ути­сак мно­ге на­вео да га ку­пе) јер је ово, и по­ред мно­гих до­да­та­ка са­свим не­у­о­би­ча­је­них за реч­ни­ке, озбиљ­но и ква­ли­тет­но лек­си­ко­граф­ско де­ло.


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