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Learner-centered Task-oriented Language Instruction

Responding to national needs for more efficient instruction of less commonly taught languages (LCTLs), utilizing its technological potential and social environment, the Russian and East European Studies Center (REESC) Critical Languages Institute (CLI) and Department of Languages and Literatures Slavic Section are proposing to design, build, implement, and test a suite of learner-centered and task-oriented course units for Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (BCS), Polish, and Russian. ASU’s need parallels those of other institutions nationally and the necessity for instruction in these LCTLs complements internationalization of the ASU curriculum, “social embeddness” issues as they relate to K-12 education, social services, etc., as well as national security concerns. These three languages will constitute a test case with envisaged migration of the objects to other languages taught at the CLI and Languages and Literatures Department. The deliverables include software, with templates transferable to other languages, other courseware (fact sheets, tables, compendia of links), unit lesson plans, instructions, as well as statistical data and assessments from in-class testing.


Welcome to Learner-centered Task-oriented Language Instruction: Converging Technology and Immersion, an ABOR-funded project of the Arizona State Department Slavic Section in cooperation with Critical Language Institute. Plase use the links above to browse through the project.

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