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On-line Serbo-Croatian (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian) 101-102

Use 000000000 to peruse the course. The course was developed during Dr. Sipka's tenure a ASU's Critical Language Institute. It was tested and impoved in the course of this project.

Syllabi of the courses including on-line or on-ground immersion

BCS 101-102: Word File, Web site 1 use 000000000 as your password, Web site 2

BCS 201: Word File, Web site

BCS 202: Word File, Web site

BCS 311: Word File

BCS 312: Word File

BCS 495: Word File, Web site

PLS 101: Word File

PLS 102: Word File

PLS 201: Word File

PLS 202: Word File

PLS 311: Word File

PLS 312: Word File

PLS 495: Word File

RUS 311-312: Word File

SLV 440: Word File, Web site

Slavic Section Five Year Plan: Word File

Lesson Plans

RUS 412: Family (Word File)

RUS 412: Food (Word File)

RUS 412: Geography (Word File), Geography (Power Point Presentation)

RUS 412: Groceries (Word File)

RUS 412: Media (Word File)

RUS 412: Movie (Word File)

RUS 412: Oil (Word File)

RUS 412: Post-Cold-War Cen tral Asia (Word File)

RUS 412: Sports (Word File)

RUS 412: Aitmatov (Word File)

RUS 412: Contemporary Literature (Word File)

RUS 412: Holidays (Word File)

RUS 412: Guest Speakers (Word File)

RUS 412: Education (Word File)

RUS 412: Bulgakov (Word File)

RUS 412: Esenin (Word File)

RUS 412: Wedding (Word File)


This segment of the project contains various courseware products such as lesson plans, syllabi, on-line drills, on-line courses, etc. Some of these products were created within this projects, others are only tested and improved.