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The Team

Danko Šipka (danko.sipka@asu.edu), Ph.D. in linguistics and Ph.D. in psychology, ASU professor of Slavic languages, with twenty years of experience in teaching less commonly taught languages and in computational linguistics, serves as the project director, developer, and tester of e-learning resources.

Jeanette Owen (jeanette.owen@asu.edu), Ph.D. in Russian language pedagogy, ASU assistant professor, serves as the project co-director and she will test and assess e-learning resources.

Agnieszka Mielczarek (asam@amu.edu.pl), Ph.D. in Polish linguistics, develops and tests Polish resources.

Marinko Zekić (marinzekic@yahoo.com), Ph.D. in BCS linguistics, develops and tests BCS resources.

David Mashuri (david_mashuri@yahoo.com), B.A. in Russian linguistics, M.A. in Public Policy, develops and tests Russian resources.

Jakub Zgolinski (jakub@zgolinski.net), M.A. in Slavic Linguistics, M.A. in computer science, conducts programing and server administration tasks.

Susan Edgington (susan.edgington@asu.edu), B.A. in Accounting, managed the budget and logistics in the initial period.

Becky Montez (bmontez@asu.edu), B.A. in Accounting, manages the budget and logistics.

Bryan Moore (marice.moore@asu.edu), graduate student in educational technology with knowledge of BCS, Russian, and Polish, proofreads and tests the resources from the learner's perspective.


Our team is composed of seasoned professionals in the field of linguistics, language pedagogy, programming, and management.

See the usage statistics for the project here.

Project log

May 2005: Polish tagger knowledge bases improved, Polish and BCS syllabi amended to include on-line and on-ground immersion
June-July 2005: Taggers considerably improved in speed, accuracy and user interface. BCS and Polish tagger knowledgebases appended and amended. BCS on-line course proofread. Polish resouces tested. Introductory Polish immersion activities performed and accompanying drills created. Polish 301 syllabus created.
September-November 2005: Russian tagger knowledge base is being improved, Russian syllabi are being modified, Polish and BCS resources are being tested.
January-May 2006: Russian, Polish, and BCS databases improved. BCS tagger tested at ASU and UofA. Papers about the projects presented at NCOLCTL and CALICO conferences. A spin-off Mandarin and English taggers and morpohological analyzers developed.
June-July 2006: Russian, Polish, and BCS databases improved. Polish tagger tested. Lesson plans and pre-immersion activities scripts prepared.